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Our Morocco Best Places tours offer you the opportunity to explore Morocco in all its glory and culture. Moroccan architecture is considered as one of the most dramatic and historian arts in the world. During our luxury Sahara Desert tour from Marrakech


 you will enjoy panoramic views of palm groves of the desert, visit ancient sites, and meet Berbers to learn more about their traditional lifestyle. Along the way, you will see impressive Palaces and Kasbahs scattered across the High Atlas Mountains. To provide great comfort,

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Customize an unforgettable Experience, Tell us about your rip requirement we will work together to design your tour to meet your exact requirements so that you have a memorable trip this include (hotels, activities, destination, food, tour guide)


We offer the best quality at the most competitive prices in order to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Morocco and make your journey worthwhile. MOROCCO BEST PLACES  believes that “We Don’t price to please, price is to match your performance, experience, and worth.”


More and more people are drawn to the Hight Atlas mountains and wonderful hikes in the fresh air. Security, individuality, and sustainability play an essential role in this. Morocco best places ’s all-around package guarantees excellent support before the tour as well as on-site in the holiday destination.

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Morocco Best Places

Quietude, tranquility, a total change of scenery… This is what the vast expanses of the Merzouga desert promise you.It is also a golden opportunity to discover different landscapes, with impressive geological forms: the Kasbah of Aït Benhaddou passing through the Dadès gorges to arrive at the Drâa valley.

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Toubkal Climbing
Morocco Best Places

Jebel Toubkal is the highest point in the High Atlas as well as in Morocco and North Africa with 4,167 m. It is located 63 km south of Marrakech, in the province of Al Haouz, inside the national park that bears its name.

Toubkal Climbing
Morocco Best Places